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The Lost Families of Stratherrick, Strathnairn, and Dunmaglass, Inverness-shire, Scotland

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Last Wills and Testaments


During my years of research, I have collected many Last Wills and Testaments etc.  I would be happy to share them with fellow researchers.  The following is the inventory of what I have.  If you desire a copy of any of them, simply e-mail me.


Alester McTawes 1632

Alexander McTavish 1721

Alexander McTavish 1857

Ann McTavish (MacGillivray) 1839

Archibald McTavish 1831

Beatrice Macintosh 1678

Catherine McTavish 1808

Catherine McTavish 1871

Dugald MacTavish 1855

Duncan MacTavish 1884

Elizabeth McTavish 1848

Emily MacTavish 1889

Helen McTavish 1834

Hugh Fraser 1669

Hugh McTavish 1845

Isobel MacTavish 1897

James Anderson 1814

John Fraser 1680

John Fraser 1725

John Fraser 1790

John McTavish 1829

John McTavish 1835

John McTavish 1892

John McTavish 1898

John McTavish Sltr 1825

Katherine Fraser 1669

Lachlan MacTavish (Dunardry)

Margaret Campbell 1845

Marjory McTavish 1828 (mother of the Baltimore McTavish branch)

Mary McTavish 1844

Mary McTavish 1854 (Inverness)

Simon Fraser 1819

Simon Fraser 1822

William MacGillivray 1854

Duncan MacGillivray

Alexander McTavish - trader

John George McTavish (NWC son of Lachlan)

John McTavish (father of Simon of Montreal)

Joseph MacGillivray (chief trader HBC)

Margaret McTavish Plenderleath (widow of Simon of Montreal)

Simon MacGillivray Jr.

Simon MacGillivray (chief trader)

Simon McTavish of Montreal

Simon McTavish of Kent (son of Simon of Montreal)