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My Dear Mother  

I am glad to inform you that I have been almost quite well for the last three years, and I hope that you were in the same way.  But when I first came here I was very unhealthy, but now I am quite the contrary.  After my arrival, I was immediately sent to a boarding school in which I am still along with other 15 boys, and we are there as happy as if we were all lords.  We go to school at 7 o’clock in the morning and come out at 9 when we all get our breakfast; and go again to school at 10 and come out at 1 o’clock after noon and go in at 2 and come out at 4 when we get our dinner and come in at 6 and go out at 8. when we get supper and off to bed at 10 o’clock.  We go on that way the whole year, except for 1 month when we go to see our friends.  I first saw Mr Funlayson in the month of February, and ever since that time be has come to see us very often for he only lives 5 miles from town; He told me that you wished to know what I wished to be.  And I thought, as well as he the best thing for me to be a doctor as I was so far advanced in the dead languages.  And in that way I may have a chance of seeing you again in about 6 years.  Do not be grieved about me for I am as kindly treated as though I were with yourself.  What a differance there is between this country and America.  Religion is here kept by everyone.  I hope that you are not only trying to save your own soul but also those of your neighbours for I know that that there are many there that don’t know that there is a god in it.  You would be quite astonished to know how big I got.  I am as tall as Duncan.  Which is about 5 feet 8 inches.  I got the portrait done, but I do not think that it is very like me.  What a number of bonny girls there are in this town.  I will be soon expecting to get a beautiful gold watch from you in a present.  Write for any sake write me as soon as possible.  The names of the teachers are the Messrs Gair.  There are 3 brothers of them.  The direction if you wish to write me is  

Mr Donald Mactavish

At Messrs Gairs Academy


North Britain  

I remain

Your most affectionate son

Donald Mactavish                                              Write me. Write me.