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The Lost Families of Stratherrick, Strathnairn, and Dunmaglass, Inverness-shire, Scotland

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Garthbeg 14th June 1839

Dear Sir

I have received your letter of the 8th Inst. enclosing a statement of the Property of our late friend. - I would get it signed & returned immediately but Mrs McTavish being resident in the country and not being able to write it will be necessary to employ notaries in the matter, which cannot be done for some days. - I have drawn on you yesterday for 48 & leaving the rest in case of postage or any other probable expense that may be met.

I hope you have received the Portrait of Donald which I sent to London in the beginning of last month for his Mother addressed to your care; both the young men are now entered upon a line of Profession for themselves, the youngest in a writing office in Inverness, the other shewed a great inclination to go to New South Wales, which I encouraged and have taken him with myself for a year, to be instructed in the Management of different kinds of stock.  -

I will forward the papers as soon as they can be completed.


I remain 

Dear Sir

Yours truly 

Dun. Mactavish



William Smith Esq