Garthbeg Coat Of Arms

The Lost Families of Stratherrick, Strathnairn, and Dunmaglass, Inverness-shire, Scotland

Hudson’s Bay House

15th Dec 1837 

Dear Sir 

I have you favor of the 8th in reply to mine of the 2nd to Mrs Isabella McTavish & with respect to your remarks on the propriety of sending portraits of both the Lads allow me to say that however I may concur with you on the subject, still as a mere agent, I should not be acting strictly correct, without the sanction of their mother, more especially as I recollect a portrait of the elder having been taken when first brought to England, Y which I presume the Mother possesses & may possibly be the reason she is desirous of now having the same token of her younger child.  The Gent to whom she is at present united has been some years in the service, but has not yet attained a Commission, but as it is possible that a friend of his Mr Chief Trader Nicol Finlayson, who left here on the 9th for –?--  with the intention of proceeding to your neighbourhood & who has your address, will call upon you to see the children, Lads I ought to say.  I make no doubt he will satisfy all enquiries respecting Mr McKenzie.  With respect to your wish of obtaining a situation for the elder of the Lads in H Bay the way to do so, is to address a letter to the Governor & Committee which had better be in the writing og the youth, stating his age & qualifications, that is the branches of education he has studied I must however candidly state that it may be some years before he obtains an appointment, as there are already many applicants and the number required to next year filled up & if I may be permitted to give an opinion I would recommend both  Lads to be made Tradesmen in preference to Clerks, the Market being completely overstocked with the Latter.

I am

Dear Sir.

Very truly yrs