Garthbeg Coat Of Arms

The Lost Families of Stratherrick, Strathnairn, and Dunmaglass, Inverness-shire, Scotland

Garthbeg 8th Dec 1837 

William Smith Esquire

Hudson Bay House


Dear Sir 

Mrs Isabella McTavish Mother of the late W. Alexander McTavish of Hudson Bay has received your letter of 2nd Instant, making enquiry on the part of their Mother (now Mrs MacKenzie) regarding the two boys sent by the late W. McTavish to this country under my charge. - I am very glad that their Mother has made this enquiry about them, for I had often in view to write to her on the subject. – I will now be happy to communicate to her how her children have been attended to. - 

Upon considering Mrs MacKenzie’s request of getting a portrait of her youngest son sent to her; I think that a portrait of the eldest should be sent also, as it must hurt the feelings of the young man that his Mother should make such a distinction - 

The eldest boy is now at that age that I am at a very great loss what employment he should follow, and have often thought of consulting you, as an intimate friend of his father, whether there might be any probability of getting him to Hudsons Bay. - he is now done of education and if such a thing could be got, - I believe he has a great inclination to return to his native country - but as I am a stranger to any of the partners or Directors of the Company, I do not know how to inform myself on the Matter, and will feel much obliged if you will give me your advice on the subject. - If you know who Mr MacKenzie is that is married to Alexander’s widow, I would be obliged if you would mention to me, as his Mother is anxious to know and has requested of me to enquire of you - The boys are stout and healthy and will be capable of following any ordinary business. ---

Your reply will oblige 

Dear Sir            

Yours truly 

Dun. Mactavish