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The Lost Families of Stratherrick, Strathnairn, and Dunmaglass, Inverness-shire, Scotland


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This contains a moving story of an immigrants journey to the new world.  You can not help but be touched by it.  Please email if you have any information on this family!  


Descendants of Hugh Fraser

Generation No. 1

1.  HUGH1 FRASER was born 1729 in Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland, and died in Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland.  He married JANET WILLISON 11 Dec 1753 in Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland, daughter of JOHN WILLISON and JANE MORTON.  She was born 1733 in Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland.            


                   i.       JOHN2 FRASER, b. 1754, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland.

                  ii.       SIMON FRASER, b. 1755, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland.

                 iii.       SAMUEL FRASER, b. 1756, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland.

                 iv.       JANNET FRASER, b. 1756, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland.

                  v.       MARJORY FRASER, b. 06 Jan 1758, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland.

                 vi.       ALEXANDER FRASER, b. 27 Mar 1760, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland.

2.             vii.       DUNCAN FRASER, b. Bef. 19 Oct 1761, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland.

               viii.       MARGARET FRASER, b. 12 Mar 1763, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland.

                  ix.       JEAN FRASER, b. 28 Feb 1765, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland.

                   x.       HUGH FRASER, b. 04 Jun 1766, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland.

                  xi.       WILLIAM FRASER, b. 1769, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland.

                 xii.       ALEXANDER FRASER, b. 17 Feb 1771, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland.

Generation No. 2

2.  DUNCAN2 FRASER (HUGH1) was born Bef. 19 Oct 1761 in Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland.  He married NANCY FRASER.  She was born 1766 in Scotland, and died 05 Aug 1840 in Madison Township, Columbiana County, Ohio.

Notes for DUNCAN FRASER:.  He was christened on 19 Oct 1761 in Inverness, Inverness, Scotland.  Not wishing to rear his family in Scotland (after three of his uncles had been burned at the stake fro their faith in Christ), Duncan Fraser (who was tailor to Lord Cavanaugh) started to America with his wife Nancy (both were Highland Scots from near Edinburgh) and their four children-- three girls and a boy, Daniel, in the year 1804.

All went well on the journey until one of the little girls became ill from teething and died.  They bore the burial of this child at sea, as only Scotch Presbyterians--"strong in the Loard and the power of His might" -- could endure such a trial.

Near the end of the journey, another of their baby girls died, leaving only Daniel and Isabel.  A second burial was more than the mother's heart could endure; since the journey was so nearly over, she concealed the body in their cabin.  It wasn't long before the captain noticed sharks following their vessel; he went about inquiring if anyone was concealing a body.  In a moment of weakness, the mother denied being guilty.  However, in a few more hours the captain came again saying, "There SURELY is a dead body concealed somewhere, as the man-eating sharks are lashing the ship with their tails so terrifically that all on board will be lost of it can't be stopped".

Duncan finally persuaded Nancy, his wife, there was no other way out but to give up the body.  So with the deepest of agony, another baby was given to the waves in burial.  As soon as this was done, the sharks left the ship in peace, and all were safe...until land was sighted.

Then, the captain and crew were so jubilant that they proceeded to get drunk, letting the vessel drift about aimlessly.  Daniel Fraser, the lad of ten years, was sitting near the railing playing, and said, "Oh! Here are green weeds!"  The captain, hearing the remark as he staggered by, sobered instantly to the extent that he called all hands to work at once.  But it was too late; the vessel grounded on the rocky island of Beaufort, just off the coast of North Carolina, in spite of all they could do.

The lifeboats were lowered and manned.  The passengers were taken as near to land as possible in the shallow water, then all got out and formed a chain by holding hands and running when the waves (of the tide) receded.  But when a great wave would come in, it would knock them all flat; yet, when it was gone, up they got and made another run and so on until they were on dry ground.

In one of the "downs" the boy Daniel was lost.  A man by the name of Andrew Smith had grown so attached to Daniel throughout the journey that he insisted he would go back and try

to find the boy.  All were afraid Smith would be lost and not find the boy, either.  He felt so strongly that he was right, they gave their consent and out he went.  Only a short distance out into the waters (of the Atlantic Ocean) Andrew saw a bulk nearly covered with sand.  This "lump" proved to be Daniel with a large blue and white wool coverlid about him (sufficient to give him breath) both were brought safely and alive to land.

They found a hut on the island with axes, guns, ammunitions, and so-forth, which proved a blessing to them in their we, hungry state. They later learned the hut and supplies belonged to men on the mainland who came over from time to time to attend a drove of hogs they had on the island.

The first night on the island, a baby boy, John Falconer, was born to parents in the group; here, Daniel's coverlid came in handy.

From the casks and barrels of food stuff which floated ashore from the broken vessel, toghter with the wild game the men were able to kill (they would not think of killing the hogs), they fared very well. When the men who owned the hogs made their next trip to the island, the shipwrecked families were taken to the mainland.

The Fraser family's money had been lost in the shipwreck, except a treasured keepsake (a silver dollar with a hole in it), which had been worn of a ribbon about the neck of the first child who was buried (sic) at sea.  The Fraser Family-- Duncan, Nancy, Daniel and Isabel--journeyed from Charleston, South Carolina to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and stayed there four years.  Then, on to the Scottish settlement, six miles  from Wellsville, Ohio, where they "took up" land near the Yellow Creek Scotch Settlement.

In this settlement Daniel grew to manhood and met a neighbor-girl, Euphemia Oglevie (sic), whose father, George Oglevie and his wife, Isabel (both Highland Scotch) had left Inverness "Sunnyshire" Scotland with their two children, Euphemia, 2 years old, and the other a small baby, and Isabel's sister, Janet, for the grand new world, America.

The Oglevies shipped from Nairn, Scotland, in 1802.  During the long perilous journey, drinking water became so scarce that it was apportioned--so much daily to each passenger.  When little Euphemia would cry for a drink of water, it so troubled the heart of one James McKenzie that he saved all of his portion he possibly could for the baby.

During the journey the vessel became disabled and another ship was sighted and signaled to their aid.  When it came alongside, a plank was placed from one ship to the other, and the passengers were thus transferred-- all except baby Euphemia who was handed across from her mother to Janet.  Whither the ship lurched at that moment or what, Euphemia was dropped!  She was saved only through Janet quickly catching her by the voluminous clothing of the day.

Without further mishap, they landed on Jamaica Island off South Carolina.  After many weeks of weary travel, the Oglevie family (and others) arrived in what has ever since borne the name of "The Scotch Settlement" at Yellow Creek, Columbiana          


                   i.       HUGH3 FRASER, b. 27 Dec 1784, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland; d. 10 May 1869, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland; m. MARY MCINTOSH.

3.               ii.       ISABELLE FRASER, b. 1789; d. 10 Mar 1866, Wellsville, Madison Township, Columiana County, Ohio.

4.              iii.       DANIEL FRASER, b. 20 Jul 1794, Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian, Scotland; d. 18 Aug 1881, Parkville, Platte County, Missouri.

                 iv.       GIRL FRASER, b. 1798, Scotland; d. Atlantic Ocean.

                  v.       GIRL FRASER, b. 1801, Scotland; d. Atlantic Ocean.

                 vi.       JOHN FRASER, b. 10 May 1806, Pittsburg, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania; d. 10 Nov 1871, Columbiana County, Ohio; m. MARGARET OGILVIE; b. 04 Oct 1818, Yellow Creek, Columbiana County, Ohio; d. 12 Nov 1890.

                vii.       CATHERINE FRASER, b. 1809, Madison Township, Columbiana County, Ohio; d. 23 Mar 1885, Ohio; m. THOMAS WILLIAMS, 18 Apr 1854, Columbiana, Ohio.

Generation No. 3

3.  ISABELLE3 FRASER (DUNCAN2, HUGH1) was born 1789, and died 10 Mar 1866 in Wellsville, Madison Township, Columiana County, Ohio.  She married WILLIAM MCINTOSH 28 Apr 1809 in Scottish Settlement in Columbinana County, Ohio, son of WILLIAM MCINTOSH and ANN NOBLE.  He was born 1773, and died 10 Feb 1852 in Madison Township, Columbiana County, Ohio.      


                   i.       NANCY4 MCINTOSH, b. 16 Nov 1813, Madison Township, Columbiana County, Ohio; d. 01 Apr 1870.

5.               ii.       ISABELLA MCINTOSH, b. Abt. 1814, Madison Township, Columbiana County, Ohio; d. Madison Township, Columbiana County, Ohio.

6.              iii.       DANIEL MCINTOSH, b. 15 Sep 1815, Madison Township, Columbiana County, Ohio; d. 14 Sep 1889, Warren County, Iowa.

7.              iv.       JANE MCINTOSH, b. 1818, Madison Township, Columbiana County, Ohio.

                  v.       WILLAIM F MCINTOSH, b. 1823, Madison Township, Columbiana County, Ohio.

                 vi.       CATHERINE MCINTOSH, b. 1825, Madison Township, Columbiana County, Ohio; d. 30 Dec 1912, Columbiana County, Ohio; m. GEORGE HARDIE; b. 02 Aug 1815, Roxburgh-shire, Scotland; d. 25 Oct 1878.

                vii.       MARY MCINTOSH, b. 1827, Madison Township, Columbiana County, Ohio; d. 09 Nov 1909, Columbiana County, Ohio.

               viii.       JANET MCINTOSH, b. 22 Jul 1830, Madison Township, Columbiana County, Ohio; d. 18 Dec 1895, Madison Township, Columbiana County, Ohio.

4.  DANIEL3 FRASER (DUNCAN2, HUGH1) was born 20 Jul 1794 in Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian, Scotland, and died 18 Aug 1881 in Parkville, Platte County, Missouri.  He married UPHEMIA OGILVIE 27 May 1817.  She was born 28 Feb 1800 in Nairn, Nairnshire, Scotland, and died 21 Jun 1873 in Parkville, Platte County, Missouri.              


                   i.       DUNCAN4 FRASER, b. 27 Mar 1818, Yellow Creek, Columbiana County, Ohio; d. 08 Dec 1867, Columbiana County, Ohio; m. JANET SMITH, 09 Sep 1850.

                  ii.       ISABELLA FRASER, b. 16 Jul 1819, Yellow Creek, Columbiana County, Ohio; d. 02 Jul 1888, Parkville, Platte County, Missouri.

                 iii.       GEORGE FRASER, b. 27 Apr 1823, Yellow Creek, Columbiana County, Ohio; d. 14 Apr 1904, Louisiana; m. (1) MARY W FRASER; m. (2) FRANCES THAYER.


Became a Presbyterian minister and was head of college at Waynesburg and Washington, Pennsylvania

                 iv.       JOHN FRASER, b. 03 May 1825, Yellow Creek, Columbiana County, Ohio; m. MARY ORR.

8.               v.       NANCY FRASER, b. 12 Feb 1827, Yellow Creek, Columbiana County, Ohio; d. 14 Oct 1892, Parkville, Platte County, Missouri.

9.              vi.       ELIZABETH FRASER, b. 15 Apr 1829, Yellow Creek, Columbiana County, Ohio; d. 02 Jul 1918, Stanley, Johnson County, Kansas.

                vii.       CATHERINE FRASER, b. 27 Oct 1830, Yellow Creek, Columbiana County, Ohio; d. 1906; m. NOAH NELLIS, 06 May 1852, Ohio.

               viii.       EUPHEMIA FRASER, b. 15 Oct 1832, Yellow Creek, Columbiana County, Ohio; d. 22 Sep 1899, Parkville, Platte County, Missouri; m. (1) JOHN W MOTHERSEAD, 12 May 1889; m. (2) JACKSON C SUMMERS, 12 May 1889.

                  ix.       WILLIAM O FRASER, b. 12 Sep 1834, Yellow Creek, Columbiana County, Ohio; d. 27 Dec 1919, Stanley, Johnson County, Kansas; m. MARGARET MCINTOSH, 05 Nov 1863.

10.              x.       MARY FRANCES FRASER, b. 06 Apr 1837, Yellow Creek, Columbiana County, Ohio; d. 20 Aug 1907, Parkville, Platte County, Missouri.

                  xi.       DANIEL A FRASER, b. 28 Jun 1839, Yellow Creek, Columbiana County, Ohio; d. 16 Aug 1862.


Was a soldier in the Civil War, promoted to Captain, then contracted diptheria in the hardships of war, came home and died.

Generation No. 4

5.  ISABELLA4 MCINTOSH (ISABELLE3 FRASER, DUNCAN2, HUGH1) was born Abt. 1814 in Madison Township, Columbiana County, Ohio, and died in Madison Township, Columbiana County, Ohio.  She married HUGH WATSON 28 Sep 1847 in Columbiana, Ohio.  He was born 26 Feb 1809, and died 04 Mar 1872.      


                   i.       DANIEL B5 WATSON, b. 01 Jun 1851, Columbiana County, Ohio; d. 23 Nov 1894, Columbiana County, Ohio.

6.  DANIEL4 MCINTOSH (ISABELLE3 FRASER, DUNCAN2, HUGH1) was born 15 Sep 1815 in Madison Township, Columbiana County, Ohio, and died 14 Sep 1889 in Warren County, Iowa.  He married NANCY BLOOD DOUD, daughter of DAVID DOUD and NANCY BLOOD.  She was born 1834 in Ohio, and died 23 Mar 1910 in Doud's Leando, Van Buren County, Iowa.

        Children of DANIEL MCINTOSH and NANCY DOUD are:

11.              i.       NANCY D5 MCINTOSH, b. 1862, Summerset, Warren County, Iowa; d. 1891, Warren County, Iowa.

                  ii.       ISABELLE M MCINTOSH, b. 31 Jan 1864, Summerset, Warren County, Iowa; d. 15 Sep 1955, Clear Lake, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa.

                 iii.       DAVID D MCINTOSH, b. 1866, Summerset, Warren County, Iowa.

                 iv.       JANE MCINTOSH, b. 02 Feb 1868, Warren County, Iowa; d. 1941, Mason City, Iowa; m. C E WRIGHT, 01 Jan 1902, Charles City, Iowa. 


  Dr Jane Wright, 73, passed away Saturday evening at the Park hospital in Mason City.  Her death came as a result of injuries received when she fell on the stairs of her home on March 24.  She has been in the hospital since then.    A daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McIntosh, Dr Wright was born on Feb 2, 1868 in Warren County, Iowa.  On Jan 1, 1902 she married Dr. C. E. Wright at Charles City.  They lived at La-Moni until 1905.  In 1906 they located in Clear Lake.     Dr. Wright received her medical degree in 1896 after having taught school for some years.  Shewas a member of the State Medical society, served as president of the State Society of Iowa medicalWomen in 1925-26, was a member of the O.E.S. and Wa-Tan-Ye.  Funeral servicesfor Dr. Wright were conducted by Rev. J. B. Calhoun at the Congregational church at 1 p.m.  Wednesday.  Following the rites, the body was taken to Des Moines where it will be cremated.             Pallbears were: P.J. Swanson, Clinton Davis, Ross Rogers, Clark Branson, John Cole and R.J. Aurdal.  Mrs Earl Ashland and Mrs. Ralph Ingersoll arranged the flowers.   Dr Wright is survived by her husband, Dr. C.E. Wright and her sister, Belle McIntosh of Seattle, Wash. Those who attend the funeral from away were: Edward Britton, a nephew, and wife of Van Tassell, Wyo., Mrs. Delle Cessna, a niece, from Rapid City, S.D., Dr. W. N. Wright and wife(?) from Rose Hill and John ??sh of Iowa City>From Clear Lake Mirror dated 4-26-41 

                  v.       WILLIAM MCINTOSH, b. 1870, Summerset, Warren County, Iowa. 

7.  JANE4 MCINTOSH (ISABELLE3 FRASER, DUNCAN2, HUGH1) was born 1818 in Madison Township, Columbiana County, Ohio.  She married DONALD C FRASER 28 Apr 1842 in Columbiana, Ohio.  He was born Jan 1805 in Scotland, and died 10 Apr 1844 in Columbiana County, Ohio.       


12.              i.       JAMES A5 FRASER, b. 21 Mar 1843, Wellsville, Columiana County, Ohio; d. 08 Aug 1899, Indianola, Warren County, Iowa.

8.  NANCY4 FRASER (DANIEL3, DUNCAN2, HUGH1) was born 12 Feb 1827 in Yellow Creek, Columbiana County, Ohio, and died 14 Oct 1892 in Parkville, Platte County, Missouri.  She married JOHN MORRISON MOORE 19 Mar 1860 in Wellsville, Ohio.  He was born 07 Jul 1796, and died 19 Aug 1870 in Platte County, Missouri.              

Children of NANCY FRASER and JOHN MOORE are:

13.              i.       JOHN FRASER5 MOORE.

                  ii.       ROSA MOORE.

9.  ELIZABETH4 FRASER (DANIEL3, DUNCAN2, HUGH1) was born 15 Apr 1829 in Yellow Creek, Columbiana County, Ohio, and died 02 Jul 1918 in Stanley, Johnson County, Kansas.  She married BENJAMIN MACKALL DAWSON 07 Apr 1853 in Wellsville, Ohio.  He was born 16 Jun 1829 in Calcutta, Columbiana County, Ohio, and died 09 Dec 1916 in Stanley, Johnson County, Kansas. 


                   i.       MARY NARICISSA5 DAWSON, b. 25 Apr 1854, Columbiana County, Ohio; d. 03 Jul 1934, Kansas.

                  ii.       DANIEL FRASER DAWSON, b. 18 Sep 1857, Marshalltown, Marshall County, Iowa; m. SARAH MURRAY.

                 iii.       GEORGE FRANK DAWSON, b. 10 May 1859, Marshalltown, Marshall County, Iowa; d. 1940, Parkville, Platte County, Missouri.

                 iv.       WILLIAM JESSE DAWSON, b. 28 Jan 1861, Marshalltown, Marshall County, Iowa; m. TRINVILLA NAYLOR, 04 Jan 1880.

                  v.       EUPHEMIA DAWSON, b. 08 Feb 1863, Parkville, Platte County, Missouri; d. 18 Feb 1863, Parkville, Platte County, Missouri.

                 vi.       VALINDA RACHEL DAWSON, b. 03 Mar 1864, Marshalltown, Marshall County, Iowa; m. JOHN HENRY RAWIE.

14.           vii.       BENJIMAN DAWSON, b. 22 May 1866, Marshalltown, Marshall County, Iowa; d. 02 Sep 1940, Boulder, Boulder County, Colorado.

               viii.       JOHN MOORE DAWSON, b. 02 Jun 1868, Marshalltown, Marshall County, Iowa; m. PEARL MORRISON.

                  ix.       CHARLES BATEY DAWSON, b. 24 Feb 1870, Marshalltown, Marshall County, Iowa.  

10.  MARY FRANCES4 FRASER (DANIEL3, DUNCAN2, HUGH1) was born 06 Apr 1837 in Yellow Creek, Columbiana County, Ohio, and died 20 Aug 1907 in Parkville, Platte County, Missouri.  She married CORYDON WEBSTER HIGGINS 22 Dec 1874 in Parkville, Platte County, Missouri. 


        i.      H L5 HIGGINS, b. 1876.

Generation No. 5

11.  NANCY D5 MCINTOSH (DANIEL4, ISABELLE3 FRASER, DUNCAN2, HUGH1) was born 1862 in Summerset, Warren County, Iowa, and died 1891 in Warren County, Iowa.  She married CHARLES H BRITTON 23 Mar 1883 in Warren County, Iowa.  He was born 1861 in Dubuque, Dubuque County, Iowa.     


                   i.       NANNIE J6 BRITTON, b. 1890, Warren County, Iowa; d. 1892, Warren County, Iowa.

12.  JAMES A5 FRASER (JANE4 MCINTOSH, ISABELLE3 FRASER, DUNCAN2, HUGH1) was born 21 Mar 1843 in Wellsville, Columiana County, Ohio, and died 08 Aug 1899 in Indianola, Warren County, Iowa.  He married LIZZIE HANDLEY 01 Oct 1874 in Polk, Iowa.  She was born 04 Mar 1853 in Harrison County, Ohio, and died 19 May 1914 in Indianola, Warren County, Iowa.


    "Jas. A. Fraser, farmer, Sec. 15, PO. Indianola, is a native of Ohio; born in the year 1843 and was raised there; came to this county in the fall of 1865; was married in this county in 1874 to Miss

Lizzie Handly, a native of Ohio; they have one daughter Mary Belle, born June 26, 1877; enlisted in Co. B. One Hundred and Forty-third Ohio May 2, 1864 and served till Sept. 13 of the same year; owns an improved farm of 160 acres."

James was enlisted in the 143rd Ohio Infantry during the Civil War as a Sergeant.     

      Children of JAMES FRASER and LIZZIE HANDLEY are:

                   i.       MARABEL6 FRASER, b. 26 Jun 1877, Indianola, Warren County, Iowa; d. 10 Jul 1955, Jackson County, Missouri; m. WILLIS KENDALL CAUGHLAN.


Mr. W.K. Caughlan, of Denver and Miss Marabel Fraser were married atthe Presbyterian Church,  Friday Evening, Rev. W. Oscar Harless performing the ceremony.  Miss Fraser has been a successful teacher in our cityschools for a number of years and has many friends who extend warmest congratulations.  Mr. and Mrs. Caughlan will make Indianola their home until September 1st.

Newspaper Article

Teacher Hurt in Accident breaks arm when  car overturns.

Marabel Caughlan, suffered a fractured left arm and a back injury when her car overturned on Highway 65 six miles north of Ankeny ThursdayMorning. Miss Caughlan, a teacher in Crocker School for more than 15 years, was brought to Iowa Lutheran Hospital in an ambulance called by a passing motorist. Driving alone, Miss Caughlan lost control of her car on a slippery stretch of pavement.  The car skidded and overturned in the ditch. She was driving to Eagle Grove, Ia, where she planned to visit her brother,Don Fraser. She lay in the wrecked machine for some time until the driver of a passing car stopped, carried her to the Johnson Garage near Alieman, Ia., and called the ambulance.

Memories From Gladys E. Fraser (Marabel's niece by marriage)

She was only married about 1 1/2 years approx. Her husband took ill and died. Auto accident was in 1935. She laid in hospital for a year before they set her arm because they didn't think she was going to make it.  She went to live with Clint and Gladys Fraser In 1942. Her brother Don said he would help care for her but didn't.  The war rationing was going on and made things hard for family to get to Indianola so she moved in with Gladys, just before Clint went into service. She even moved to Omaha, Nebraksa and Kansas City, Missouri with Clint and Gladys in 1951.Memories from Niece in law, Gladys E. Fraser, 1999

Marabel married W.K.Caughlin in 1914 in Indianola. She taught school in Indianola. He husband worked for rural Electric Systems, worked in Mason City but Marabel never went with him. He took ill over half their marriage but Marabel never cared for him so he went to Des Moines where his sister, Nellie Caughlin ?, took care of him until he died. Marabel went to be with them in Des Moines and taught school in Des Moines even after death of her husband and she stayed in one room of the home of her sister in law Nellie. After her accident in 1935 she was in hospital for 1 1/2 years and went to stay with Nellie after getting out of hospital until 1942 when she went to stay with Nephew and Niece, Clinton and Gladys Fraser until her death in 1955. 

                  ii.       DONALD CROSKEY FRASER, b. 05 Dec 1884, Indianola, Warren County, Iowa; d. 28 Nov 1946, Fort Dodge, Webster County, Iowa; m. MATTIE LOUISA BULLOCK, 30 Sep 1914, Clarinda, Page County, Iowa; b. 12 Mar 1885, Page County, Iowa; d. 26 Nov 1961, Eagle Grove, Wright County, Iowa.


Obituary:  Donald C. Fraser, Son Of James And Elizabeth Fraser, Was Born

Dec. 5, 1884 Near Indianola.  He Died At His Home In Eagle Grove, Nov. 28, 1946.

He Was United In Marriage To Louise Bulluck, Sept. 30, 1914, At Clarinda.To This Union Were Born Two Sons, Dr. James B. Of Des Moines And Clinton C. Of Eagle Grove.

He Spent A Number Of Years In Southern Iowa Around Indianola, Villisca And Oakland:  Then Came To Eagle Grove 30 Years Ago Last September And Worked For The Eagle Grove Furniture Co.

He Was One Of The Early Embalmers In Iowa, With His Last Years Devoted To His Furniture Store In Eagle Grove.

He Is Survived By His Wife:  Two Sons:  Two Daughter-In-Laws: Three Grandchildren And One Sister Marabel Caughlan Of Eagle Grove.

Newspaper Article On Donald C. Fraser

Funeral Rites For D. C. Fraser Last Sunday

Passed Away At His Home After A Two Day Serious Illness

Donald C. Fraser, 62, Died At His Home On South Iowa Avenue On The Evening

Of Nov. 28.  He Had Not Been In Good Health For A Number Of Years, But Was At His Desk In His Store Until About 10 Days Ago.  He Was Confined To His Bed But Two Days.  Pneumonia Set In And He Passed Quietly Away Thanksgiving Evening.

Funeral Services Were Held Sunday Afternoon At The Wilson Funeral Chapel, With The Rev. C. W. Tompkins In Charge.  Interment Was In Rose Hill Cemetery.

Mr. Fraser Came To Eagle Grove Just 30 Years Ago And Was Employed As Undertaker And Sales Assistant In The Eagle Grove Furniture Store.  On Dec 9, 1932, He Opened The Fraser Furniture Store Devoting His Entire Time To The Furniture Business.  The Business Was A Success From The Start And Now Is One Of The Largest And Best Stocked Home Furnishing Stores In Northwest Iowa,  Mr. Fraser Was A Cooperative, Community Minded Business Man Who Carried His Full Share Of The Task Of Making His Town A Better And More Desirable Place In Which To Live.  His Success Did Not Just Happen, But Was The Result Of Hard Work, Careful Planning And Continuous Study Of The Problems Involved In Operation Of A Business Of That Character.  His Son, Clinton, Has Been Associated With His Father For The Past Several Years, (Interrupted By 3 Years In  The Service), But Now Back On The Job And Capable Of Carrying The Full Responsibility Of Keeping Up The Institution's High Standing.


13.  JOHN FRASER5 MOORE (NANCY4 FRASER, DANIEL3, DUNCAN2, HUGH1)  He married (1) ANNIE DALE SMITH.    He married (2) NANNIE LOVE.    He married (3) CORA RUTH HAWKINS.            


                   i.       FRASER DALE6 MOORE, m. CORA RUTH HAWKINS.       

Children of JOHN MOORE and NANNIE LOVE are:

                  ii.       JOHN MORRISON6 MOORE, m. MARGARET WHITESIDE.

                 iii.       MARGARET MOORE.


14.  BENJIMAN5 DAWSON (ELIZABETH4 FRASER, DANIEL3, DUNCAN2, HUGH1) was born 22 May 1866 in Marshalltown, Marshall County, Iowa, and died 02 Sep 1940 in Boulder, Boulder County, Colorado.  He married BLANCHE HART 23 Dec 1891 in Fort Scott, Bourbon, Kansas.  She was born 01 Nov 1871 in Chicago, Illinois, and died 17 Mar 1957 in Lake Alfred, Polk County, Florida.  


15.              i.       JOSEPH BENJAMIN6 DAWSON, b. 24 Jul 1899, Ouray, Ouray County, Colorado; d. 09 Mar 1955, Boulder, Boulder County, Colorado.