Garthbeg Coat Of Arms

The Lost Families of Stratherrick, Strathnairn, and Dunmaglass, Inverness-shire, Scotland

Donald McTavish (1800-1874) married to Jane Garrett (1821-1897)


Very little is known about the oldest son, Donald, of the Last Tacksman of Garthbeg, Archibald McTavish.  Donald was born November 5, 1800 in the parish of Boleskine, Inverness-shire, Scotland to Archibald McTavish and Ann McGillivray.  I find my first trace of Donald on the 1831 Census in Quebec, living in the Matapedia area of the Gaspé Coast.  I do not know, how or when or why, he left Scotland for Canada.  He had very influential uncles and cousin in Canada, but choose to live on the rugged Gaspe Coast.  From Census data we can tell he was a fisherman, lumberjack, and farmer.  The family lived moderately.  He married Jane Garret at the age of 41, which appears to be the tradition of McTavish men, marrying later in life.  The family he married into was a loyalist family, his grandfather-in-law, having fought for the British in the American Revolution.  He had 14 children the first at the age of 42, the last at 64.  All his children made it through infancy, with only Ann dying before she reached adulthood at the age of 9.  He had two sets of twins in keeping with a MacGillivray trait.  (In fact twins have been born in every generation up to today in my family) There is a road in Little Pabos, Quebec, Canada,  named for this family, called McTavish Lane.  Several from the family migrated to Wisconsin and Minnesota, but of the 14 children, I have located the desendants of only one of Simon’s brothers, Daniel who died in Hibbing, Minnesota. 

1.  DONALD8 MCTAVISH  (ARCHIBALD7, DONALD6, JOHN5, JOHN4 FRASER, DONALD3, TAWIS MCEAN2 VCCONNOCHIE, JOHN MCEAN VC EAN1)1 was born November 05, 1800 in Boleskine, Inverness-shire Scotland, and died March 15, 1874 in Gaspe Pennisula, Canada (Perce Co).  He married JANE GARRETT August 13, 1842 in Perce' Quebec2, daughter of JOHN GARRETT and MARGERY BEAIRSTO.  She was born August 15, 1821 in New Carlisle, Quebec Canada, and died April 20, 1897. 



                   i.       SIMON9 MCTAVISH4, b. March 26, 1864, Gaspe Pennisula, Canada (Perce co); d. August 27, 1943, Oconto, WI; m. HELENA NERENHAUSEN, February 16, 1897, Oconto, WI; b. April 01, 1875, Peshtigo, Marinette Co., Wisconsin; d. December 09, 1954, Oconto, Oconto County, WI.

                        Notes for SIMON MCTAVISH:

Simon McTavish was born 3/26/1864 in the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec, Canada.  He and his twin, Margaret were the youngest of 14 children born to Donald McTavish and Jane Garrett.  His father was 64 years old when he was born and died just 10 years after he was born.  It is my guess that his brothers were much more of an influence on him than his father or mother.  Jane died at the age of 76 in 1897. 

Simon left his home in either 1882 or 1884, when he was just of age.  An article written about him and the Richard house hotel that he eventually owned indicating his route so well that my conjecture is that he had a destination in mind when he left for Oconto.  My research has indicated that there were other individuals from Gaspé in the area at that period of time.

My parents often told me that Simon died penniless, having been a generous man during the depression of the 30's.  The Richard house which Simon purchased abt 1914, burned to the ground in April of 1934.  At that point he owned a garage behind the Richard house and divided it into 3 rooms, a bar, kitchen, and restaurant.  The fire happened when Simon was 70 years old, so this tells me that Simon had a spirit that refused to give up. 

                  ii.       ARCHIBALD GARTHBEGG MCTAVISH5, b. October 20, 1842, Little Pabos, Quebec, Canada6; d. January 15, 1927; m. SARAH ANN BUNTON, August 19, 1884, Unite Church of Perce, Cape Cove, Gaspe, Quebec; b. September 13, 1848, La Motie, Gaspe, Quebec, Canada; d. Aft. 1899. 

Notes for ARCHIBALD GARTHBEGG MCTAVISH:  Archibald's middle name Garthbegg, confirms that his father was Donald McTavish, son of the Tacksman of Garthbeg, in Boleskine Parish, Inverness Scotland.

                iii.     MARGERY MCTAVISH6, b. December 15, 1844, Little Pabos, Quebec. 

                 iv.       JOHN MCTAVISH6, b. December 16, 1846, Little Pabos, Quebec. 

                  v.       CATHERINE MCTAVISH7, b. August 11, 1848, Perce, Gaspe, Quebec, Canada; d. Deceased; m. GEORGE BUNTON, February 01, 1874, Cap d'Espoir, Gaspe, Quebec, Canada; b. July 02, 1846, Cap D'Espoir, Gaspe, Quebec, Canada; d. Aft. 1899. 

                 vi.       WILLIAM MCTAVISH8, b. July 28, 1850, Little Pabos, Quebec. 

                vii.       ELIZABETH MCTAVISH9, b. July 02, 1852, Grande Riviere, Quebec. 

               viii.       JAMES MCTAVISH9, b. July 02, 1852, Little Pabos, Quebec; d. May 02, 1926, Oconto, WI. 

                  ix.       DUNCAN MCTAVISH9, b. July 25, 1854, Grande Riviere, Quebec, Canada; d. January 02, 1896; m. BRIDGET EMMA MURPHY, August 12, 1889. 

                   x.       MARY MCTAVISH9, b. January 03, 1856, Little Pabos, Quebec. 

                  xi.       MARGARET MCTAVISH9, b. March 26, 1864, Gaspe Pennisula, Quebec, Canada.

                 xii.       GEORGE MCTAVISH9, b. June 21, 1857, Little Pabos, Quebec; d. March 29, 1878, Pabos, Quebec10. 

                xiii.       DANIEL MCTAVISH12, b. June 15, 1859, Little Pabos, Quebec; d. February 15, 1913, Hibbing, MN; m. MARY LALONDE; b. Canada; d. September 01, 1949.


Information obtained from Daniel's granddaughter Mary McTavish Larkin, says that Daniel was employed with the railroad and most likely had a glass eye and lost an arm in a railroad accident.  Daniel immigrated into the US through Detroit and became a citizen in December 1896.   

                xiv.       ANN MCTAVISH12, b. November 30, 1861; d. December 19, 1870, Little Pabos, Quebec13. 


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